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Today is Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The Popularity of “Barely There” Outfits in the Hollywood Music Scene!


Singers, music idols, or whatever you want to call them may not be the best dressed when it comes to award shows. But despite their worst look on the red carpet, we still somehow manage to love them and support them in everything they do. Of course, there will be exceptions in musicians appearing in slick and chic ensembles while greeting fans for the music award shows like Jennifer Lopez who never fail to impress, Taylor Swift with her adorable dresses, a lot more musicians dressed to impress.

With money to buy beautiful and dazzling gowns, stylists to make sure you look good, and even sponsors, it won't be that hard for these talented singers to look their best for certain award shows and important events. Especially when the “barely-there” outfits became popular, almost all artists and musicians took their time in wearing such.

Here are just some of the stars who walked the red carpet wearing....

Gotta admit it, everybody loved Britney Spears and her skin-colored outfit when she performed!

Fellow pop princess Christina Aguilera wore her scarf as a top when she attended the 2002 VMAs.

Fergie may be in her 30s but she looked toned and fierce in this outfit.

Mariah Carey decided to join the gang and won them over with this sleek and chic ensemble.

And Lady Gaga wouldn't let herself be left out with her own “barely-there” outfit.

If fashion stylists and consultants would keep a research paper and/or a book on what's hot and what's not in the fashion world, only some of these barely there outfits would make it into the book of what's hot for sure!

Tune in for more fashion posts.


Twilight On-and-Off Screen Couple Break-Up And It's Kristen's Fault!


The Twilight film series is undoubtedly one of the most popular novel-to-movies of all time succeeding Harry Potter. It starred Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in leading roles as Edward Cullen and Bella Swan, respectively. The two actually met on the set of the Twilight movie and instantly hit it off as a couple. Reportedly, Kristen Stewart was in a relationship with fellow actor Michael Angarano when she fell in love with Robert Pattinson and starts a relationship with the latter.



Of course, Twilight fans were joyous to know that the two on-screen couple became lovers in real life. Many supported their relationship as the two starred separately in various films and TV guestings. But despite a rosy enviromnet between the couple, Kristen Stewart was reported to have an extramarital affair with married director Rupert Sanders from her Snow White and the Hunstman film set.



The director is married to Liberty Ross, a model and sister of Oscar award-winning composer Atticus Ross but got into an affair with the popular actress Stewart. Right after being busted, Kristen was reported to have a change of heart and now feels devastated for doing what she did to Robert Pattinson.


As of the moment, there were no further statements coming from the two stars of Breaking Dawn Part 2 though Pattinson was reported to have fled from the house the two share.





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Kyra Sedgwick is Too Hot To Handle in a Hot Red Dress


The streets of Hollywood has long been a witness to the most trendiest and hottest clothes our A-listers' don on especially for special events like red carpets and premieres. It's so refreshing to see our stars not full of mud and wearing costumes but expensive suits and attention-grabbing gowns for all the world to see.




Our constant headliners for the too hot to handle Hollywood celebrities who give it all when it comes to dressing are Angeline Jolie, Uma Thurman, Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman, and many more. But this year, a lot more (not much) recognizable stars are stepping on the carpet wearing dashing suits and jaw-dropping dresses for the photographers to appreciate and take a shot.



This July, it was time for Kyra Sedgwick to shine and bring lights to the gray streets of Manhattan. Last Wednesday, the The Closer star donned a figure-hugging and fierce red frock accessorizing her look with nude-hued pumps and stacked gold bangles. She arrived to tape an episode for The Late Show with David Letterman and she sure did bring the fire with her in the studio along with her trademark smirk.


So do you like the dress girls?




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'Mom and me' Photos You Should be Proud to Flaunt


Mothers always make it a point to have their pictures taken with their kids, even if the latter doesn't want to. Back in the day, mom would suit themselves up and their kids and pay a handsome sum of money just to get the perfect show. And since fashion was very different (and a bit awkward) 20 or something years ago, viewing them now gives a person a good laugh and a secret longing to hug their moms.


Since I was an 80's baby, my mom was one of the those who sported the big hair and shoulder pads trends. She made embrace it too but I was only open to the shoulder pads. And since my mom is photogenic (at least, that's what she thinks), we would have our picture taken every week and every occasion possible. We would go to a studio and wait in line. It was always the same pose - she sits in a chair and I sit on her lap with clouds on our background.



I miss her terribly and this mother's day, it is my desire to have our picture taken again, this time sans the shoulder pads. Click here and these are all the pictures I got.




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The mom here is very matriarchal both in posing and clothing.




The glasses are a hit.




The mom here is chanelling Farah Fawcett.




A walk-in closet can be built inside this mom's hair.




The mom here is sporting the the first wave of ombre hair.




I guess the rollers were still inside the hair when this photo was taken.


Hilary Duff and Baby Luca Cruz Comrie

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Of all the Disney teen superstars, Hilary Duff is one of the well-liked Hollywood celebrities for many fans all over the world. The first show she starred on, Lizzie McGuire, earned her a huge fan database in different parts of the world. And because she really is talented as an actress, Duff starred in various films like Casper Meets Wendy, Cadet Kelly, Human Nature, The Lizzie McGuire Movie, Raise your Voice, A Cinderella Story, and Stay Cool.




And who knew that this blonde bombshell also has the talent for singing. Hilary Duff recorded five studio albums which spawned hits including So Yesterday, Why Not, Come Clean, Reach Out, Stranger, and many more.


This lady who looks fabulous in either blonde or brunette hair has gone through different image concepts for her albums and she still managed to spend quality time with her family. And although her schedule may be busy as she begins to ready for her new album, it didn't stop her from hooking the eyes of NHL player Mike Comrie whom she married 3 years later on August 14, 2010.




Hilary Duff is one of my inspirations ever since and I'd stopped everything even finishing my essay writing service when she's on TV.


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And the good news is she gave birth to a healthy baby boy named Luca Cruz Comrie. This wonderful baby boy has got good genes inside him. The former Lizzie McGuire star updates her fans almost everyday on Twitter.



Top 5 Phobias of Adrian Monk


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Monk was a popular American television series that aired from 2002 up until 2009. Created by Andy Breckman, it has elements such as comedy and drama which perfectly fits an American detective mystery series. The lead role played by Tony Shalhoub was perfect as Adrian Monk and I truly believed that nobody could pull it off other than him. He was simply perfect for the role and as the producers would put it, Tony Shalhoub could “bring the humor and passion of Monk to life” and he did.


It was thanks to a friend that I've been introduced to the Monk series and ever since then, became addicted to the point that I've collected all the seasons in DVDs. Now, one of the noticeable characterizations of “Adrian Monk” was that he's a brilliant detective with a lot of phobias. And we'll discuss some of the phobias he has in here.


Lactophobia (Fear of Milk)


When I started watching the series, Sharona Fleming always mentioned that Monk has a fear of milk and that he probably couldn't drink any even if it's the president of the country offering him.


Mysophobia (Fear of Germs)


In all the episodes I've watched, it showed Adrian Monk wiping his hands with wet wipes everytime he does a handshake with someone or something touches him. He couldn't stand it and feared that germs would spread in his body.


Ochlophobia (Fear of Crowds)


When Monk goes to Manhattan in an attempt to solve the murder of his wife Trudy with the help of interviewing Warrick Tennyson. In the first few scenes, it is noticeable how Adrian can't walk straight through the crowds because he fears them. He even needed the help of his nurse/assistant (Sharona Fleming) to get away from the crowd.


Claustrophobia (Fear of Small Spaces)


It is evident in most episodes that Monk would rather climb up the stairs to the 52nd floor rather than taking the elevator. Like most people with the same claustrophobia, Monk is afraid of small spaces and feel that it's suffocating him especially when inside.


Acrophobia (Fear of Heights)


This phobia of his proved to be a disadvantage on his side especially when he let the suspect run free just because he couldn't look down from climbing the stairs and arrest him.


I seem to have done a pretty good job in this post that it could pass as an essay paper. I hope you'll visit me next time and I promise more interesting topics for you to read.


How to Torture a Cheater in 7 Ways?


Being in a relationship and loved by a special individual is definitely something we all want to experience even just once in our lifetime. And it would even be better if we love a person who will not look at other people and only look at us like we’re the most beautiful beings in the world. A person who will choose to love us and be with us rather than be with others, I want a love like that. But in the kind of world we live in, we really can’t choose what type of relationship we fall in. You just got to accept it and accept the person.

Yet, once in our lifetime, we get to meet a person who no one really wants to be in a relationship with. I don’t want to meet or even be in a relationship with a cheater because they will just cause me intense heartbreak. I’d rather be stuck with completing my essay service and work tasks rather than try to love them.

But just in case I found a man and fell too deeply in love with him then discovering later that he’s a cheater, there are 7 ways I learned from my mom to torture this guy emotionally and mentally.

· If he’s my husband then I would definitely sell or even destroy all his prized possessions, no matter what the cost is. He thinks highly of those things like his car, golf clubs, and the like so it would make him crazy if he discovered there’s nothing left.

· I would befriend his “other” woman, treat her to a fine dining restaurant, and later on, invite her to my house to be introduced to my boyfriend/husband. Let’s just see his reaction when the two of us (wife and mistress) walks out of the kitchen and serve him food.

· If we have a joint account in the bank then I would go on a shopping spree just like what Cynthia Rodriguez did when she found out A-Rod’s dirty little secret. You get what you want and you let your cheater partner pay for it.

· My sister once did this nasty revenge on her ex-husband and that’s when she hid a dead fish inside the panel of his car’s door. Imagine the look on his face when he opened the car and smelled the fish, it was hilarious.

· Another one of my sister’s antics was when she gained custody of the children and completely limited her ex-husband’s visitation.

· By acting like nothing’s changed but you look directly at his eyes when you keep on saying the word “one” and “true love.”

· Lastly, it’s best to just quietly move on and show him that you can be a better person without him. He wouldn’t expect you to be fine after what you discovered and you just let him think you can.


I hope I don't meet and fall in love with a cheater. But if I do then I would do these things to him, really.


Top 5 Hollywood Celebs Looking Good in a Little Black Dress


It's undeniable that women are into fashion. Well, why not? Those dresses, pants, blouses, accessories, and bags are making us pretty and looking sophisticated. We feel more elegant and refreshing when we look good, don't we? And if we really do consider ourselves as fashionable, do you have that LBD in your wardrobe closet?


LBD or the little black dress is considered to be an essential in women's wardrobe. Your closet isn't complete without a little black dress hanging inside. It is an evening or cocktail dress described to be simply cut and is short. Why women love LBD's? That's because it's long-lasting, affordable, and very versatile. You can practically wear it for your graduation party up until your son's graduation if it still fits you.


And because fashion gurus are tutoring women to owning even just one LBD in their closet, female celebs are not out of the question. Now, who among our favorite celebrities do look good in LBD's?


Audrey Hepburn




Sienna Miller




Winona Ryder




Rita Haysworth




 Princess Diana



Cameron Diaz, A Certified Chic and Fashion Style Star


Cameron Diaz's Sizzling Car Wash Scene from Bad Teacher


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Is it getting hot in here? Or is it all because of Cameron Diaz? Whew, Cameron Diaz is undeniably one of the sexiest and hottest female celebrities in Hollywood. In addition to having those super long and flawless legs envied by co-stars and fans, the actress is loved for her bubbly personality, addictive “trademark” laugh, acting performances, and a whole lot more.</span>



But Cameron Diaz isn't just all that. On top of all, the bubbly actress is recognized as one of the best-dressed female celebs in Hollywood proven by her red carpet appearances for movie premieres and award shows. The statuesque actress and former model from San Diego, California is simply the girl with the most wanted bod in the entire Hollywood. And with a body like that, fashion designers must be knocking on her door to wear their designs.



Whether it's casual or an elegant dress, Cameron manages to exude that chic but low-key aura. Because of her tall height and lovely legs, she uses it to the maximum rather than do it with over-accessorizing. Let's check out some of her style.



Even in casual get-ups, everybody would notice this funny blonde girl.


Her versatility when it comes to wearing gowns and dresses for red carpet events is truly noticeable. Cameron is able to carry whatever you want her to dress up in and she manages to look even more beautiful. Just check out these!



Truly, an amazing star whose fashion style continues to evolve with her.




OMG.Yahoo.com | http://www.essaywritingservices.com/ | elleuk.com


Celebrities Who Loved and Rocked Black Lace!


Fashion, described as a general term used in referring to a popular style or practice. It's expansive as it involves clothing, footwear, accessories, make-up, and even furniture. And to simply put it, the term “fashion” refers to the look and/or trendy dress-up of a person. But with each year passing, the meaning of fashion becomes even more broader and vague.

Anyway, we are here to talk about the latest fashion trend that seems to be taking over Hollywood actresses and musicians as they impressively wear it on during movie premieres, award shows, and simple gatherings. Over the years, different trends in fashion have been created and followed by the masses. So what's the latest trend, you ask?

It's black lace madness! Everywhere and anywhere you go, you'd see citizens and celebs in black laced-outfits, even in the red carpet. Let's take a look.

Hot! Hot Liv Tyler!

Snow White? Or Snow Black Kristen Stewart!

Ashley Greene looks good in Black.

Teen Pop Princess Selena all grown-up!

Adele, truly amazing as a singer and a fashion trendsetter.

These celebrities must really have efficient stylists and consultants who keep fashion books and even get term papers on the hottest trend this season. It's no wonder that they all look so good.

Don't you think?

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